Adventure Time – Finn’s Golden Sword of Battle

The golden sword of battle (also known as Scarlet) is Finn’s weapon of choice throughout most of seasons one and two. The blade is dented, chipped, and dirty. Its hilt is black with some worn leather grip-straps and a red gemstone in the pommel. In “Business Time”, the Business Men polish and sharpen the sword, making this episode the only one in which the golden sword appears to be in excellent condition.

In “The Real You,” the golden sword passes through the Bubble creator and becomes four-dimensional. When Finn uses the 4-D golden sword to attack the black hole he created, Finn’s golden sword is sent into the Cotton Candy Forest by the explosion. Finn is without a sword until “Mystery Train”, which could mean he lost it after the explosion.

Year2013MediumBalsa Wood

Build Process

This sword was the first prop I’ve ever done, I finished it in 2013 according to The RPF’s forum thread. I used balsa wood, since I didn’t have any proper tools and made everything easier. I’m quite happy with the final result and the cartoon like look.

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