Chappie – Head

Chappie, another greate movie by Neill Blomkamp following up his early Tetravaal short. As soon as I saw the movie I knew I had to build something from it and going through the ReplicaPropForum threads I saw someone had already design the files for the Chappie’s head, so I knew had to give them a try. Got the files from RPF member Razmataz and then added and modified some of the pieces to my liking or to make it more accurate. This was a big project, took me quite a few months and made me learn new skills which was great. I had to figure out the electronics and I had never done anything like this, first time using the Airbrush, and first time building something this complext too, it was quite fun and I’m very happy with the end result!

Year2020Medium3D Printing


For the displays I started with the ST7735 from Adafruit, but soon realized that the in the real prop made by Weta Workshop they actually used bigger square displays, so then I switched to the ST7789 from Adafruit too, there were the perfect size.

Build Process

I printed all of the parts in my Prusa I3 MK2S, at first I was using PLA because it was easier to print, but soon switched to ABS because it was a lot easier to sand down to a smooth finish and that saved a lot of time. Here are some pictures of the whole process and how it progress over time!

TheRPF Thread Link: Chappie – Head Project (3D Printed)

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